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Photos by Laura Kelleher / Staff Photographer

“Not if you get Tasered for it. People should be able to articulate themselves even if the questions are a little bit controversial because that’s what freedom of speech is about.” – DeLeon

“I believe so. I was in the military, and I believe we have freedom of speech.” – Lee

“That’s horrible to me and not right. We are supposed to be a positive country. It would be sufficient to give him a warning and not drag him outside. Sometimes we don’t have free speech.” – Martinez

“No. Have you ever read the Patriot Act? It basically takes away our freedom of speech and checks and balances system. You feel it at the airport, or when you go to certain functions.” – Wheat

“More so than most places, yeah. I don’t think this kid was really interested in free speech. I looked at his website, and he was into practical jokes. I think he fancies himself more of a Borat.” – Ventimiglia

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