Queen Elizabeth I exhibit portrays exquisite fashion design

Jesus Moreno

The ubiquitous trend of art which has been seen throughout the entire world, dating back to the 1500s ranging from Paris, New York, and which has now invaded CSUN with its epidemic, is here to stay until December 20, 2007.

Magnetically attracting numerous amounts of people, these powerful stories through words, pictures and clothing manipulate the mind, keeping the spectator in a trance state. Telling a story of pain, love, happiness and sharing emotions that the artists struggle to convey. The segregation of colors brings out the emotions, and tension of each piece of art. This striving epidemic slithers its way into our lives as do the problems which Queen Elizabeth I once encountered.

“The Sun that Lights the Rainbow: The life and Times of Elizabeth I,” is being portrayed throughout the C.K and Teresa Tseng Gallery inside the Oviatt Library. Showing the culture in which the Queen lived, and how she lived. Through her cloths, pictures and the books which were written. The exhibition lifts viewers out of today and drops them back in time. No more iPods, cell phones, Internet and cars. Instead, you see a woman extremely lost in her own realm, yet loved, powerful and so discouraged. Her facial expression never changes, only the places in which she appears. A sense of worry smothers her face allowing spectators to see her pain and love for her country. Showing that she was untouchable and above everyone else.

As you continue your path down Queen Elizabeth I’s life, you realize that Donatella Versace, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton never came close to designing anything such as the Queens wardrobe. A mesmerizing beauty shown through the detailed stitching, extravagant texture, and complexity of the graphic image designs, portraying her elegance as she sat, danced, and stared you right in the eyes, during your walk into her life.

“Her clothing is so hard to mimic. These fine stitched clothes not only show her status, but show people what true fashion really was and is. As painters have the Mona Lisa to inspire them, designers should be inspired by Queen Elizabeth I’s clothing,” said fashion major, Antonia Diaz.

Taking your journey down the Queens path is simple, left, right, right, left. These are the steps that will lead viewers towards who she was, and allowing yourself to see another life, other than the culture we live in today. A culture filled with sex, drugs, violence, and the various celebrities who fall down, get up and fall harder, but yet seam to amaze us every day. Expect to say goodbye to everything new, and hello to everything old.

Sophomore Ben Nero said, “This entire gallery is awesome, especially the hand made boat replica of “The Golden Hind,” A boat which sailed the entire world in three years. That’s crazy.”

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