DC Society Election Diaries: Two podiums, no issues


David Carter

Two nights ago, two candidates were supposed to take the stage to speak to the American people. What we got instead were two separate things. On one hand, we had a prepared candidate who knew the facts. The other came in strong at first, but slowly showed his true colors, with no clear knowledge of the issues and a disregard of the facts.

Donald Trump’s bad performance was not my real issue in this debate, it was that it didn’t get a full grasp on the issues with facts to support it.

For instance, the issue of race in America and what the candidates would do to improve race relations in this country. Clinton’s response incorporated that law enforcement has to work better to serve their communities; that citizens have to respect the law, and law enforcement has to respect the people that they serve.

Trump, who thought “Stop and Frisk” was an effective tactic for lowering crime rates in the city of New York, criticized Clinton for not being able to say the words ‘Law and Order’ yet didn’t really offer any substantive proposal of how he would fix race rations in the country.

So first, if people want to say that Trump actually gave a policy during the debates, fine I’ll give it to them but “Stop and Frisk” doesn’t do anything to help the problem, but actually makes it worse. Though violent crime rates in the city were going down in New York, the rates were still going down after the policy of “Stop and Frisk” was removed.

According to the Baltimohttp://www.baltimoresun.com/la-na-pol-crime-debate-factcheck-20160926-snap-story.html re Sun, the New York Civil Liberties Union’s data shows around 88 percent of stops produced no contraband and 90 percent of the stops in 2011 were either African Americans and Latinos.

The debate failed to address the American people with solutions to important national issues. With the unrest in the African American community since the deaths of Terence Crutcher, Keith Lamont Scott, and an unarmed protestor in Charlotte North Carolina, we need healing. We need a better discussion than what we saw two nights ago on this issue.