Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

In my opinion, Lauren Robeson, the former editor in chief, isn’t fully aware of what’s being alluded to in the letter to the editor on the 18th.

We’re currently engaged in two combat operations: Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. We’re not just fighting terrorism in the Middle East. We’re fighting terrorism in Asia and Africa as well. Some Americans aren’t aware of the milestones made in the PI. Ask any Filipino about Abu Sayyaf and you’ll hear stories about kidnappings, ransoms, oppression and murder.

With the help of the United States military, the Filipino military was able to not only oust Abu Sayyaf from the Sulu archipelago, but also managed to build hospitals and schools. Unfortunately, many are scared that once we leave, the terrorists will return. They don’t hate Americans.

In Colombia, we help fight the FARC, which terrorize the population at will while they engage in international drug trade and guerilla warfare. The people of Taiwan certainly don’t dislike us. I remember the bad news that our battle group was to turn away from their trip home and position themselves in-between China and the ROC just in case the massive military forces amassed on the southern Chinese coast decided to invade after the Taiwanese presidential inauguration.

Of course, the topic everyone likes to discuss is Iraq. Many forget easily, but I don’t. I remember the Iraqis dancing in the street. I remember Iraqis waving Old Glory. I remember Iraqis destroying and desecrating every picture and statue of Saddam they could get their hands on. I remember the Iraqis first taste of freedom. We all must ask ourselves a question here in America: Who really hates us? I have an idea, but I may be wrong. Maybe the Taliban followers who executed women in a soccer stadium built with money from the U.N. hate us. Maybe the insurgent who straps a bomb to someone else’s child hates us. Maybe the mullahs in Iran who jail scholars and execute teenage rape victims hate us. Maybe Kofi Annan, who was under investigation for corruption, hates us. Maybe the French, who were doing business with Saddam up until the start of the war, hate us.

I know the people of South Korea who stand alongside us on the DMZ don’t hate us. In my many deployments around the world, I haven’t met many people who hate America. Most of the ones that did were on vacation from their non-Third World countries. Is it okay to fight to give freedom to people in Darfur, but not to give freedom to Iraq, whatever the reason may be? Someone once asked me how I could fight a war against fellow Muslims. To terrorists, I’m an infidel. He or she wouldn’t hesitate to kill, capture, or torture me.?What am I? I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. “I’m an American fighting in the armed forces, which guard my country and our way of life. I’m prepared to give my life in their defense.”

Very respectfully, David Ettehadieh Petty Officer, 2nd class U. S. Navy political science major