Letter to the Editor


Dear editor,

I am writing in regard to the article titled “Center pushes for national ‘no junk mail’ registry” found in the Sept. 5 issue of the Sundial. I found this article to be informative as well as appropriate for a community such as ours, with the massive amounts of advertising and useless jabber hurled at us in so many different ways.

It is not only an issue of unnecessary and annoying mail, as the article says, it is an issue of environmental concern. Too many resources go into the production and distribution of the junk mail, which is overwhelmingly unwanted and thrown away, causing irresponsible and frivolous waste. Despite the other methods with which advertisers infiltrate our lives (e-mail, telemarketing, commercials, etc.), snail mail is predominantly the most uneconomical.

If those fighting for the ‘no junk mail’ registry were victorious and the bills associated with ‘opting out of bulk mail’ passed, people would be more satisfied with the volume of mail they receive. The ever diminishing supply of trees previously used for nonsensical purposes (such as becoming junk mail) would be able to be put to a more progressive use, perhaps simply to live out their lives as much needed forests. A major step to becoming a more environmentally friendly society could be taken here, and it is up to our government and us to make it happen.

Sincerely, Natalie Bruner

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