Weaving music and clothing

Tiffany Kelly

A year and a half ago, 22-year-old humanities graduating senior Jeremy Wineberg “noticed there was music weaved with clothing.” So when he was strolling through the hip Ron Herman store off Melrose last year, he decided to make his idea a reality. He approached the music coordinator of the store with his idea, and the label, Invisible DJ, “kind of formed overnight.”

Their first compilation from the label was released last August. Since then, they’ve released seven titles. The whole idea is “psychological,” attaching a name one trusts for clothing hand in hand with the music that they listen to, Wineberg said. “I want to be a record label that people trust and buy into.”

His main project has been to sign the band Mighty Six Ninety, which he found from New York. For the first part of 2008, the band will go on tour. The main task now lies in finding a band that they can open for. “It has been hard to work a New York band while in L.A. as a student,” Wineberg said. “I want to build this company and stay at the top of my class.”

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