Letter to the editor


I do not understand how Mr. Reed can go on record and say that “we” should compare apples to apples. What is he talking about? It is bad enough that students can hardly afford to go to a CSU, but we can’t even get the classes we need because there are not enough classes available since we can’t pay more professors. That sounds like apples and oranges to me, but to give the higher-ups a pay increase is okay?

I would like to see Mr. Reed decline his pay raise and put that money toward CSUN, like in scholarships or some other worthy cause.

It’s not fair that I have to pay for his salary and others pay increases when he is in no way helping me by adding more classes.

In the real world we are taught that you get what you pay for, but students in the CSU system are not.

Thank you Mr. Reed for allowing me to become further in debt while you enjoy a competitive pay increase from your cronies.

Mark Gonzalez junior journalism major

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