Letter to the editor


To the Sundial Staff,

As the newspaper at a university of more than 30,000 students, I thought it pertinent to write you regarding an issue that is growing in intensity everyday: modern slavery. At first glance, readers might think this has little importance or is of that sort of global importance that Americans conveniently detach themselves from. In reality, slavery is uncomfortably relevant to this country. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are enslaved throughout America, and an estimated 27 million are enslaved worldwide.

?How has this happened? How can the practice that characterized the dark period of American history have become even more prevalent and powerful than during the Transatlantic Slave Trade? We can, of course, blame it on the slave runners, the slave buyers or even the media. But the sad truth is that the blame rests upon us. Although the government and media would slam our eyes shut, that’s no excuse for us to not force them open again.

I implore the staff of the Sundial and any reader thereof to dig deeper into these issues, gain the knowledge, spread the word and make the change. The website www.freetheslaves.net is a good place to start.

Colleen McCullough English Major Freshman

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