Letter to the editor


In response to William Kammer’s article, “Leave O.J. out of the news.”

I am often amused when I read letters that indicate an individual is tired of O.J. Simpson. ?While I too would rather put O.J.’s saga and many trials and tribulations on the back burner of life, it isn’t going to happen because he sells papers and books. ?

Just look where his book, published by the Goldman family, ranks on the best seller’s chart. ?Our society has a hunger for gossip, intrigue and anything else that keeps us from giving proper attention to serious quality of life issues like the Iraq war, the systematic decimation of the middle class, and the many missteps and untruths politicians parade around as gospel on a daily basis. ?

We’d rather lap up the intrigue of an O.J. story than deal with the unnecessary death of American soldiers, and innocent Iraq families that we are allowing to be slaughtered in the name of freedom. ?Ironically, it is a freedom that they didn’t ask for, but control and love of oil persuaded us to pursue.

Respectfully Allen Brown, ?? PPM staff

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