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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Letters to the editor

The following are excerpts from letters the Sundial received. Each letter below concerns the same topic, and excerpts are published instead of the full letters so information doesn’t overlap. Each letter concerns modern slavery.

Most readers will probably just skim through this article because they feel issues concerning Britney Spears and the custody of her kids are more important. But modern slavery is a global issue that affects an estimated 27 million people worldwide and it needs to be recognized. How is it that we live in a world concerned more with appearances and the limelight than about global issues that affect millions each year? These issues aren’t even at the top of most people’s biggest-issues list when modern slavery, especially human trafficking, is a very big deal.

Melissa Manley, Mathematics Major

New methods of enslaving humans and labor exploitation have evolved since the 14th Amendment was ratified. Despite the grim outlook, there’s a solution: awareness. The multitude of problems that develop from a nation unconscious to the horrors of modern slavery can be fixed by one universal solution, which is giving the Americans the knowledge they need. This knowledge, aside from spreading the awareness of slavery’s existence, is to the extent that the world and our country are being affected by modern slavery. To acquire this knowledge, one must be proactive.

Daryl Smith, Freshman

The effects that trafficked people and surrounding communities suffer are severe and eternal. Victims usually endure a multitude of physical and psychological health problems. Women are specifically vulnerable to health problems in trafficking situations because they have little or no access to reproductive health care. These problems include lack of access to birth control, constant rapes, forced abortions, lack of regular mammograms and Pap smears. ? Women involved in domestic work are subject to rape and physical abuse, while women forced into sex work have an increased risk of contracting STDs. ?It’s obvious that there’s a great impact on individuals involved in trafficking, but what people aren’t aware of is the impact it has on our city, state, country and world. The social impact of trafficking is just as important as the individual impact. Socially, it’s a major violation of human rights. It completely undermines efforts to promote equality and makes communities more susceptible to HIV, AIDS and other STDs.

Heidi Farran, Business Major

It’s hard to imagine that modern slavery is still taking place in the 21st century. What we need to realize is that it’s not only occurring, but that it’s happening right here in America. It’s our job to stop all the horror that’s taking place. We need to let the victims know that they’re not trapped or forgotten. We’re ready to help and save them. As a nation that was founded on the principles of democracy, liberty and justice, we definitely need to live up to our core beliefs and take action to save these victims from their nightmares. Until then, it’s an ugly and cruel reality that we’re all living with. It’s time for us to spread the word and to bring out our love and compassion. Federal and nonprofit organizations have been set up to combat sex slavery. We should all work together to free the victims.

Renee Liu Freshman

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