Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

I’m concerned with where all of mine and my fellow classmates tuition money is going. We know our teacher’s and professors aren’t getting it, no new parking structures are being constructed, and for the people that live in housing the tram works sporadically, and I can’t even get into the core classes for my major (communications).

My question is what are we getting for this additional ten percent? My Fall 2007 class schedule lists a breakdown of student fees it reads: Associated Students Fee $74 (so the Big Show 7 wasn’t actually free), Student Union Fee $120 (what is the difference between AS and SU?), Instructionally-Related Activities Fee $15 (I have never been on a field trip), and Student Health Services Fee $52 (if you can get an appointment). Why would you ask struggling college students to tighten their proverbial belts and pay an additional $165, when the majority of us are struggling to simply balance work, school, our social lives, and our finances?

Concerned Co-Ed Jennifer C. Brewer CSUN Senior