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A.S. meeting attendees upset about SB 1 vote

The following are pieces written by people who attended the Associated Students meeting in which A.S. voted on a resolution supporting SB1, also known as the Dream Act. The bill suggests undocumented students should be able to apply for certain financial aid. CSUN’s A. S. didn’t vote in favor of the resolution.

Governments are established to represent the interests of a given constituency. In the case of Associated Students members, they’re here to represent us, the students. A group of about 40 students are the voice for more than 34,500 individuals attending CSUN. Their job is to voice our opinions, be it in the local or national arena. You might think a small student government isn’t much, but it is. They are the ultimate representation of what the student issues are on campus. What are our major concerns? How do we address them?

And yet today I can say that this government isn’t representing me. I’ve never felt as disembodied from this campus as when our student government decided SB1 didn’t need their support. Short of one vote, CSUN?s own A.S. voted against releasing a statement in support of SB1. This bill has already passed through California’s legislative entities, yet it’s still in the process of becoming a law pending Gov. Schwarzenegger?s signature. ?

SB1 would allow undocumented students to receive financial aid, which is crucial in order for students to finish their educational careers. While most CSUN students struggle with work, school and other responsibilities, undocumented students need to add more than $2,000 to this for more school expenses, and the task of maintaining financial stability becomes somewhat daunting.

Not only is there a necessity to save for food, rent, gas and so on, but you now have to add tuition to this list of bills and it becomes a daily struggle. So for my student government to believe that SB1 isn’t necessary and shouldn’t be supported is disheartening because these students are an unrecognized part of American society and shouldn’t be denied opportunities because of their legal status.

It’s not the A.S.’s role to pass judgment on any student group, but rather to support it. Let’s not forget that this is a land of promises and dreams, which was built?on the motto of ?”give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free.”

Eleany Busta

I was?very upset to hear that the Associated Students didn’t vote to support SB1. AB 540 students pay tuition just like everyone else and in many cases, they pay out of their own pocket. These hard working students sometimes have to work three jobs just to be able to save enough money for tuition and books, and they still keep up with school and excel in their classes.

Students like these deserve support from their campus’ government and it’s beyond my understanding as to why the very people we elected refuse to support this population of exemplary students. I’m extremely disappointed with A.S. for their lack of education on the subject and for failing to serve their students. ? Laura Leon

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