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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Northridge Review continues to inspire creativity

Every semester The Northridge Review has a reading of the previous semesters published poetry and short stories by CSUN students. On Oct. 26 in Jerome Richfield Hall, writers read their creative works aloud and their words resonate with audience members even after the event is over.

“You,” written by Shahbaz Doad, was a touching piece about his personal battle with poor treatment due to his culture. “I’ve been cussed at, spit at, thrown down, and hit by you,” recites Doad in “You,” which is a testament of the injustice that some human beings face in a country where there should only be acceptance of all.

Dan Farley followed with “Mohawk Sunshine,” a short story about a city built on ancient Native American burial grounds that was riddled with drug and alcohol abuse even for all ages.

“My Mother’s Cross,” by Candice Nicholson, was a poem about a family gone awry and a mother’s yearning for her children to call and for things to be different. “She keeps her phone in her apron pocket as she bakes just incase they call,” recited Nicholson.

Several people listened with their eyes closed which seemed as if they were trying to absorb and ingest every word. Others gave approving or knowing nods of their heads as if they understand exactly what the messages were.

Joseph Mattson’s, “Double Scotch for the Angel,” was yet another moving poem about a man who believes an angel sits next to him in a bar. Although the bartender knows better by proclaiming, “You’re no angel.” Quite possibly a poem about falling into the depths of alcoholism and the delusions that are brought about by drinking.

Richard F. Kilpatrick was inspired to write “Aqueous Humor,” after being followed by dolphins in the water as he walked down the beach for miles. A beautiful verse about being touched by the simplicity of nature.

The last poem that was read for the night brought about the most amount of laughter and perhaps a small amount of shock from a few. Nonetheless, it was an interesting and bold short story appropriately named “That One Portal Story I Wrote About The Vagina Dentata Myth Lesbo Style and With Many Thanks To Mr. Edgar Allen Poe,” written by Jayna Zimmelman. This story is about two lesbians with peculiar sexual desires and habits who are fond of one another. The story skews the line between murder and compassion. The moral of the story is not so apparent, but it is definitely interesting.

Several students won awards for their written works. The Rachel Sherwood Award was given to Richard Kilkpatrick for his poem “Proteus,” and also to Juan Carlos Parilla for his poem “SGV Sparrow.”

The Academy of American Poets Award was given to Jennifer Corbin for her poem “Mercury Riesling in Union State” and Kate Martin Rowe for “A Question of Earthly Life Thus Far.”

The Northridge Review Fiction Award was given to Olmer Zalmanowitz for his poem “Wuppertal.”

All of the poetry was pleasurable and fascinating. The Northridge Review Reading was a free event, which was full of intense, thought provoking, emotional, creative works.

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