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A.S. denies request to repeat elections

Associated Students elections committee members decided to not again conduct senatorial elections and to keep promotional materials clear of polling areas for future elections after much deliberation behind closed doors on Wednesday.

Elections committee members held two hearings followed by deliberations to address complaints that ballots were misleading and that a campaign flier was left next to the ballot box

Marcos Zamora, 22, who represented the Movement to Organize for Rights and Education for Students slate, also know as the MORE for Students slate, filed the complaint regarding the ballot that was allegedly misleading.

There were two seats available for At-Large Senator II and IV, Zamora said. When the candidates filled out paperwork, they wrote which seat they wanted, Zamora said.

Zamora ran for At-Large Senator II. Jacqueline Guzman, Zamora’s peer from the same slate, ran for At-Large Senator IV against Students Rights candidate and At-Large Sen. Joy Delouth.

Delouth, Guzman and Zamora were listed in the same ballot box, which indicated that students “vote for two.” Guzman and Delouth were elected.

Zamora said he was under the impression the candidates were running for specific seats. Zamora said he didn’t know he and his fellow slate member, Guzman, would be running against each other.

“The elections ran fairly,” said Alex Shahin, director of the elections committee. “The allegations are not cause for reelection.”

The elections committee issued the following statement regarding complaint about the allegedly misleading ballot, “We understand the complainants and concerns and we will commit to move forward to eliminate future confusion by striking numerical seat designation in selected documents due to the fact that the positions are entitled to the exact same job description. Therefore, we conclude that the allegations are not sufficient causes to hold re-elections because the ballot clearly states ‘vote for two.'”

Zamora said, “I am one of the most outspoken ones from my slate, so they (the A.S.) are terrified for me to come in and mobilize the campus from the inner circle.”

“We were asked from day one which seat we wanted,” said Zamora, who’s going to appeal through the judicial court.

Lizbeth Mateo, 23, who also represented the MORE for Students slate, filed a complaint, alleging there was a flier from the Students Rights slate next to the ballot box.

Mateo said she wouldn’t make accusations against anyone because she didn’t see anyone place the flier.

“No propaganda from any slate,” said Mateo, who wants the table clean.

Nicole Umali was called in from the Students Rights slate to comment in response to Mateo’s complaint.

Umali said she agreed it’s a violation of the rules to allow a flier promoting the Students Rights slate to be placed next to the ballot. The polling supervisor is responsible for making sure the polling area is maintained according to regulations, Umali said.

Candidates representing the Students Rights slate handed out fliers in the designated areas, not in areas that are off-limits according to the elections code, Umali said.

“The code says we are responsible for materials left behind in classrooms, but the polling supervisor should keep the area clean of any publicity,” said Umali.

The elections committee issued the following statement in response to the complaint about the flier that was allegedly place next to the ballot box, “We, the elections committee, emphasize keeping a watchful eye for campaign literature at the polling station. Furthermore, amend elections code to clearly state the rules at polling station.”

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