Letter from the editor


I hope everyone enjoyed and gained some new information from the “Discrimi-Nation” series that ran in this section for the past few weeks. My intention in creating the series was for people on this campus to gain a better understanding of the many different people around them. The diversity of our campus means nothing if we don’t communicate with those outside of our own circles.

With that said, I must apologize for being unable to obtain a Native American article for the series. Attempts were made throughout the series, but to no avail. I still feel it is very important for this group to have a say, and any letters to the editor discussing discrimination of Native Americans will definitely be considered.

As a replacement, the final article in the series discusses “Discrimi-Nation” from the prospective of someone who doesn’t care to be identified in the ways that others were during this series. All of the articles in the series can be found on the Sundial’s website, sundial.csun.edu, after searching “Discrimi-Nation.” Thank you for reading.

William Kammer Opinion Editor