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A.S. Senate discusses elections appeal, other business items

A ruling on an appeal to again hold elections for an At-Large senatorial seat, a proposed buyout of a sports intramural and other items of business were discussed at the Associate Student Senate meeting on Tuesday.

Attorney General Hal Ellison said the judicial court determined Marco Zamora’s allegations in regard to the format of the ballots offered at the recent senatorial elections weren’t sufficient and that holding another election isn’t necessary.

Ellison said the past ballots were the same as the ballots used for this election and that the voting code should stipulate that each person running for a position should read them carefully and fully understand them.

One agenda item that met with disapproval was the ASREC Sports Intramurals Buyout. The motion was to allocate $16,000 from the Unallocated Reserves for the spring 2008 semester.

This would have allowed the price of participation to drop to just $5 per person.

A.S. President Adam Haverstock said the idea was to allocate the $16,000 in funds and make sports intramurals free to anyone that participated.

Baba said, “If the price is decreased, demand will increase.”

Vice President Josh Hansen said, “The point of this is to make it free. I think it is a waste of time to decrease it and not get rid of it completely.”

Seven action items were also on the agenda for approval.

Anthony Martino, a Cinema, Television and Arts student, said, “I am making a film regarding discrimination of people with special challenges such as stuttering.”

Although Martino spoke in support of his project, the Senate struck the item from the agenda. It’ll be added to next week’s meeting for approval.

Also struck from the agenda was an item for the Filipino American Student’s Association, which will be added to next week’s meeting for approval.

The A.S. Senate approved an allocation for $5,000 from the original amount of $3,100 for an Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition on May 30.

Nathan Fast, an electrical engineering senior, said, “We’re a senior design team and we design an autonomous robot. It’s my job today to impress upon you the importance of what we do. There are benefits that will help put CSUN on the map.”

Approval of $900 from the Unallocated Reserves was given for the CSUN Communication Associations Graduation Mixer. Two hundred fifty dollars will be used for a banner, $250 for advertisers and invitations, and the remaining $400 for a room rental on campus.

Nancy Rogers of the Fine Arts Department was approved for $330 from ARRA for a public art project.

Also approved was an allocation of $15,000 from the Unallocated Reserves for student organizations and travel.

Lastly, the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is hosting their Sudden Infant Death Syndrome fundraiser this week.

On Nov. 28, they’ll be hosting an EL Torito event all day located between Parthenia and Nordhoff streets.

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