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Both sides of abortion issue should support human health

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, I think most people would like to know that women receive the best care and run minimal risks if they do opt for an abortion. The thought of the process itself sounds intimidating to me, but the thought of a woman dying due to this choice, whether by complications or malpractice, makes me cringe.

According to a study done by Gilda Sedgh of the Guttmacher Institute in the U.S. and colleagues from the World Health Organization, they found that abortion rates are roughly equal in rich and poor countries, and half of abortions worldwide are unsafe.

We all know the political stance of the two dominant parties in this country regarding abortion, but putting the partisan biases aside, why don’t we think about safety? If abortions are outlawed, surely they won’t be stopped, if anything they would find illegal means of performing it, thus putting women at a higher risk of potentially fatal complications.

The study also stated that the mere fact that the abortion is illegal will not sway a couple or individual’s choice to still have the procedure done. In countries that are still developing, illegal abortions are performed regularly, meaning there are more incidences of dangerous conditions.

The correlation between unsafe abortions and poor countries seems to have to do with the lack of funds to care for patients after an abortion. The lack of education on contraceptives for young men and women to avoid unwanted pregnancies also plays a part..

Governments should really take into consideration the well being and interests of citizens of their countries. They should put aside their religious convictions and whatever else makes them take an opposing stance on abortion and let each person make their choice on their personal moral values. Making the politician’s point of view the law of the land will only make women seek these illegal means of getting the abortion they’re looking for.

If governments choose to make abortions illegal, they should do something about it beforehand. It is better to prevent a problem than to have to deal with the consequences later on. Governments should take a portion of their budget and allocate it to clinics or outreach centers to educate their people on contraceptive methods, and provide some of these to them for free or low cost.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age women have to suffer at the hands of unskilled or deceitful medical practitioners, because there are no other means of having the procedure they need. The fact that governments ignore the huge problem illegal abortions poses for society only makes the problem worse.

Outlawing abortions all together should be well thought out, and at the minimum, voted on by citizens. One entity cannot and should not decide for a group of people what they should do with their bodies. Why do governments take such a strong stance on abortion anyway? Is it that much of a burden of their conscience that abortions are being performed? And if so, wouldn’t it be a bigger burden on their conscience if they knew women were dying because they were seeking alternative means?

Illegal abortions will keep being performed as long as there is a disconnect between a government and the needs of the people, especially the poor or marginalized. Authorities should crack down on illegal clinics or practitioners and provide the services that are needed by women seeking abortions. How hard could it be to provide counseling, condoms, or other forms of contraceptives? Sex education itself would be vital to the cause. If they were to reach out to teens at school like they do here in the U.S. perhaps many of these problems could be prevented.

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