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A student, cousin collect toys for hospitalized kids

A CSUN freshman has started an organization dedicated to bringing toys to sick children at Children’s Hospital.

Eighteen-year-old CSUN freshman Erin Timperley created the organization Give to Others in 2000.

Timperley’s own brother went through cancer treatment and she saw how the stays in the hospital that lasted for long periods of time affected him.

It was then that Timperley decided to create an organization that would donate toys to children that are hospitalized for long periods of time. The goal for Timperley is to bring normalcy and happiness to sick children.

“I want them to have something to do while they were sick to keep their minds off of it,” Timperley said. “I want them to see that you are just how you are, but you aren’t different.”

Timperley then asked her cousin Allie Nelson to help her soon after the organization was started.

Nelson, who is 16 years old and attends Rosamond High School, was quick to join Timperley in her mission.

“Erin approached me a few years ago and asked me if I wanted to help her out with Give to Others and I jumped up right away to accepting the privilege to be apart of her organization,” Nelson said.

Timperley and Nelson worked side by side throughout the year to collect toys that are taken to the Children’s Hospital in L.A. The toys are always given out during the Thanksgiving holiday.

This year, Give to Others collected 758 toys, a substantial increase from the 100 toys they collected the first year the organization was established. This year, Nelson was recognized as an ABC7’s “Cool Kid” and received a $1,000 savings bond. Timperley was recognized last year.

Timperley’s mother and Nelson’s grandmother help the girls with the organization. Timperley’s mother Beverly is proud of the work that the girls do, and has witnessed their devotion and determination.

“I feel my daughter and niece have big hearts, and whenever something needs to be done, they do it,” Beverly said.

Timperley and Nelson spend the year reaching out to people for donations. This year, Nelson collected donations from California Highway Patrol, West Born Elementary School, Rosamond High school, Littlerock High school and the Edge, a radio station located in the Lancaster area.

CSUN’s Sociology Department also helped donate toys to the organization. Kris Kouri of the Sociology Department asked students to donate toys to Give to Others in exchange for extra credit. ?Timperley and Nelson also contributed recycled cans and bottles and used the money toward buying toys.

The girls also give a portion of their own paychecks and to the organization.

The toys that are given range from toy cars to Nintendo DS gaming systems. For Nelson, the greatest part of the job comes when they deliver the toys.

“The expressions on their faces last year as they walked into the toy room when Erin and I where delivering the toys was definitely unexplainable,” Nelson said. “Right away, I knew that we had just made them happy, possibly even giving them more faith in life since they know there are other people out there that are thinking about them.”

Timperley said she wants other people to know that starting an organization is obtainable, and can bring great rewards.

“Anyone can do it. It is not that hard,” Timperley said. “It is the biggest high in our life. If we quit doing it, then we wouldn’t really be happy.”

“Helping others is the way we make ourselves happy,” Nelson said. “Erin calls it our ‘high’ and I would agree with that”

Timperley and Nelson said they’re working toward becoming a non-profit organization and are seeking guidance from anyone who may be able to assist in helping them.

Give to Others operates from January to November every year, and both Timperley and Nelson are always looking for anyone interested in helping. Give to Others can be found online at and at

“We can always use help, and are open for new people,” Timperley said. “We want people to know that we are serious about what we do.”

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