Letter to the editor


Thank you for the well written reminder to people about the risks and challenges motorcycle riders face. Clearly you have done some research and shared some good numbers that should put the matter into a perspective anyone should understand. While I sincerely appreciate that you have made the effort to bring the matter to the average driver, it is unfortunate that there are not enough messages like this to promote awareness.

I have been a motorcycle rider for more than 30 years and have had two very serious accidents. Neither of the accidents that I had were “my fault”. One was caused by a driver that was on the wrong side of the road on a mountain road and the other was caused by a road condition known as black ice. Several years ago, my Nephew and I authored a short motorcycle safety booklet that we spent our own money to have printed and we placed them in every local DMV office. We interviewed several riders and came up with some very interesting yet commonsensical advice for them. Even though we thought, at the time, that we had put to print the most important advice that could be offered, I have learned so much more in my continued years of riding.

I guess the bottom line is that experience is your best defense against bad drivers and/or conditions. One would ask then, how can you survive the risky period between beginner and seasoned rider? The answer is not simple and I am glad that our State (as an example) requires motorcycle safety training prior to issuing a motorcycle license. My guess though, is that we will still have the speed demons on their “pocket rocket” splitting lanes at 70 miles an hour. We will still have people in their cars not paying enough attention to others around them but getting the word out such as you have done, is always helpful. Perhaps our little college newspaper is not going to give the subject an enormous amount of coverage but every little bit helps.

Thanks again for taking the time to bring this subject to the forefront and I hope to see more on the (to me) very important matter.?

Chet Galland Director of Engineering Services Physical Plant Management