Why did Clinton choose CSUN?

William Kammer

Senator Hillary Clinton and Congressman Brad Sherman called Northridge and New Orleans a “tale of two cities.”

When asked why Clinton decided on CSUN to have an event, Sherman said the reason was partially because it would be, “especially good to be in Northridge on the 14th anniversary.”

The anniversary he was referring to was when Northridge became the site of an earthquake that caused FEMA to respond. The difference between Northridge and New Orleans is that FEMA responded efficiently to Northridge’s problem. According to Clinton and Sherman, this is because Bush didn’t have the experience necessary to handle that kind of situation.

Another reason why CSUN was chosen for the event was because, “CSUN is the center of the valley,” Sherman said.

“We are a great university,” said Jolene Koester, CSUN president. “I think we have the right kind of facilities.”