Going green on the dating scene

Tawny Gestuvo

Soaring gas prices, rising tuition costs, an entertaining social life, the woes of a struggling college student may seem cliche but nevertheless they are haunting. A great way for students to earn some extra money and go green is to recycle.

By putting a new spin on an old practice students can use recycling money to cover some of their date expenses. With a typical date costing about $50, recycling is a great way for couples to work together to finance their social life.

Instead of throwing away water bottles, beer bottles or soda cans into the recycle bin recycle them yourself at a local recycle center. When recycled, the CRV paid when the product was purchased is refunded.

Recycle centers will pay 5 cents for each beverage container less than 24 ounces and 10 cents for each container 24 ounces or greater. If there are more than 50 items recycle centers will charge based on weight. Tip: look in weekly mail advertisements such as the PennySaver for a higher exchange rate on weighed items.

A month worth of plastic bottles, aluminum cans and various paper products from one person can cash in for about $10. It wont necessary cover the costs of an entire date, but will buy a drink, an appetizer or skip dinner and buy a movie ticket.

As a couple, recycling can be a great way to work together and can be a friendly competition that can have creative rewards for whoever recycles the most in a month. The winner can choose the restaurant or movie.

Some other environmental saving tips for students is to use energy efficient light bulbs. Though they are a few dollars more than standard light bulbs energy bulbs last longer and save on electric bills. Another way to save money on the bills is to use cold water when doing laundry.

To save a few more pennies grocery shopping, bring your own bag.

Whole Foods will take 5 to 10 cents off the bill for each bag brought in.

On the dating scene recycling is one of the more innovative ways couples are bonding. It is a fun activity you can do together and it doesn’t have to cost you $50. Saving money where you can and maintaining social relationships is important during college years recycling is the answer, go green!