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Text messaging and the rules of dating

The old rule reads something like: guy meets girl, girl gives guy number, guy waits two days then calls girl. However, in the age of technology that we live in, cell phones are changing the rules of dating.

Today when we find ourselves at a bar chatting with someone we find attractive and decide to exchange numbers, the two-day rule no longer applies. Generally, it is OK or not deemed too eager for the guy or girl to text the other with a “nice meeting u tonite” text message that same night or the next morning.

In fact, it is almost standard and will leave the girl wondering if she doesn’t hear from him that night.

Some believe it would be best to begin a relationship the traditional way with a phone call. A person can get a better idea of how they feel about another person when talking, rather than through text messaging where tones and flippant remarks can be read inaccurately. Grammar, like misspelling and exclamations, can also give you the appearance of something you are not.

Many people using text messages use the technology to express emotions they otherwise would not share in person.

Some use texting to avoid long conversations. However, when texting your new prospect, the general get-to-know-you questions can cause the conversation to last all day long. What would have been a 20-minute phone call instead saved you from boredom at work or school.

All-day text marathons can create a bond between you and your potential mate, but can be hard to let go of if the relationship doesn’t work out.

People show a whole other side of their personality in a text than they would in person or over the phone. It is easier for people to speak more sexually over text messaging.

The biggest rule is to ask someone out in person, as well as breaking up with someone in person. Talking to someone on the phone and asking someone out in person or on the phone shows your character and bravery.

After the date, again the two day rule as been thrown away, if a girl doesn’t get a text message the night of the date or the morning after, majority of the time she is certain he isn’t that into her.

For the guys that still do play by the two or three day rule, be careful. It’s a bit of a dying game plan and girls will be thrown off.

Best of all if it doesn’t work out, rejection can be easier instead of face-to-face.

So next time you see a cute girl by the bar, make sure you have your cell phone ready in T9 mode because text messaging has rewritten the dating rules.

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