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Shaky ‘Cloverfield’ might not be worth your time

Cloverfield,” the science-fiction and fantasy film directed by Matt Reeves, takes place in New York on the eve of Rob’s (Michael Stahl-David) going away party for his departure to Japan. This party is where Rob seeks an opportunity to tie loose ends with his love interest.

Surprised by a trembling across the city, party guests quiet down to watch news reports of what they think is an earthquake. On the roof of the building, the crowd is attacked by fire from a creature the size of a skyscraper, and many wonder if they really witnessed what they thought. In the midst of panic, confusion, blackouts and a destroyed city, Rob and his friends have to make it across Manhattan for their survival. The film is captured by a shaky video camera, documenting the intense plight of a group of friend’s attempts to survive.

Due to its weak acting from the eye-candy cast, the movie is better played by the men who steal most of the film. The actors are not well known, but most have been on the small screen or played small roles in the big screen.

Reeves, who was once a writer for the show “Felicity,” makes the movie interesting with his unique view and approach to direction, but it’s loaded with special effects. Without all the special effects used in this film, there clearly could not have been a movie.

The marketing attention this movie had before it was released made it seem like this would be one of the greatest movies of the year, but it’s not. “Cloverfield” does focus more on humanity than on the disaster going on, but the blending of both of these aspects does not work.

People who get headaches or easily get dizzy should be warned. This is a movie told from the point of view of a civilian with his own home camera, running away from monsters in the middle of havoc and destruction. There have been several mentions of people vomiting during the movie, due to the intense movement of the film.

This was a disappointing movie, and many were left in their seats wanting more, but not because it was so good that they wanted more. People may feel that what they saw was definitely not worth what they paid for.

You might be entertained for the whole 85 minutes because there is a lot of action, but it is not award winning action. Most likely, the amount of action and loudness with all the screaming people, crashes and monsters will keep you awake, but it is not action like “Black Hawk Down” or “Transformers.”

Not everybody will appreciate this movie. There were moments that came too close to the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks, so people sensitive to that should definitely not watch the movie. There were many scenes of falling skyscrapers, things falling off of buildings and tragedy in New York.

People who might like the film may be those who would like shows like “Star Trek,” or movies like “The Matrix,” “Alien,” and “Star Wars.”

If you worked hard for your money and want your $10 ticket price well spent, then you might not want to see “Cloverfield.” Try something else that won’t give you a headache or wonder where 85 minutes of your life went.

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