Riding high and dirty

Brian Mount

Billy Down thought that he would never ride again after he broke both his tibia and fibula in his lower left leg while riding in the hills behind Moorpark in 2003. Down had to have surgery, where doctors inserted a metal rod into his tibia bone, attaching both parts of the bone with metal screws to keep his leg in place while they were able to heal.

After just six months Down was up and riding again, though still very cautious of his injury.

That was more than five years ago, Down is now hitting jumps estimated at more than 60-feet. Riding since he was 18, Down, now 24, says that he was able to get back on the bike because of his love for the sport.

“I kept riding because I was already addicted to the adrenaline rush,” says Down. “It relieves a lot of the stress in my life.”

Down, a former Moorpark College student,was forced to drop out of school due to his injury and the amount of pain he was experiencing on a daily basis. Once a hopeful graduate, Down decided to work full time instead of trying to go back to school. Sacrificing both college and his body, he still enjoys the sport as much as he did when he first started riding.