Letter to the editor


Alyssa Lofgren’s column touched on how one religious organization routinely ruins a family’s ability to effectively grieve for the death of a loved one, if that loved one practiced a sexual preference not of the church’s choosing.?

It is amazing how in the name of God, so many destructive things are done to individuals, and families at the most devastating times in their lives.? Alyssa’s column focused on the activities of the church that operates several internet hate sites, and threatened to picket the funeral of Heathcliff Andrew Ledger because of a homosexual part he played in a popular movie.? However, my profound disgust goes beyond the collective role of the church members, and rest on the shoulders of individual members.? I am forever awestruck by the lack of independent thoughts, compassion, and empathy so many individuals with church affiliations exhibit in the name of following some distorted doctrine.? They allow themselves to be brainwashed, and manipulated by those who use God as the excuse for abusing and tormenting others who do not share their religious ideology.? More and more, we move away from utilizing the common sense, and free will this nation use to cherish, in the favor of welcome religious exploitation and persecution led by the man or woman in the pulpit.? To conduct oneself in this manner is the height of hypocrisy in man’s organized religions.

? Allen W.? Brown PPM Office Staff Member

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