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Last chance for info before primaries

CSUN students have an opportunity to make an educated decision.

Republicans: Feel the need to better understand McCain’s plan to unite the GOP? Not sure if Romney is worth rallying for? Maybe you know nothing about Huckabee and find yourself simply drawn to his name?

Democrats: Unsure of who to pull for in the tight race between Obama and Clinton?

Maybe you just need a refresher on all the big issues, before you even think about voicing your opinion?

CSUN’s NAACP is holding a Candidate Fair today at 7 p.m. in the Shoshone room in the Satellite Student Union building, just in time for potential voters to arm themselves with information before Super Tuesday. With Republicans vying to keep the White House, and initial polls indicating a very tight Democratic primary race, prospective voters can’t afford not to make the best decision possible.

The Candidate Fair will have a similar set up to that of a job fair. CSUN students and faculty will be able to approach and freely question representatives of each presidential candidate participating in the California Primary Election this Tuesday. If all goes as planned, those who take advantage of this opportunity will have learned enough about each candidate’s campaign, so as to make an educated decision when voting.

With each candidate represented, the hope is that a truly bipartisan, unbiased exchange will occur for those seeking more information on all parties concerned. Additionally, to prepare oneself to make the most of this questions and answers session, there are several sources of bipartisan information at every voter’s fingertips.

The Bipartisan Policy Center is a source to consider ( The website contains featured news and special reports, as well as projects the BPC personally back. Items on the BPC’s agenda range from national security and healthcare to transportation and agriculture, all of which could use public support “to unite the constructive center in the pursuit of common goals.” Senators George Mitchell, Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, and Bob Dole make up the BPC advisory board.

A good supplementary source can be found at Real Clear Politics ( There, voters can expect to find a variety of election coverage. Easy to access RCP polls are present, as well as various videos and transcripts following the major parties in their road to the White House thus far.

In the end, a trusted source is often the best, and there are more to choose from than you might expect for those willing to look. In any case, the Candidate Fair will be an opportunity best taken advantage of when all those involved have prepared themselves for educated discourse.

The Satellite Student Union building, designated SA on the CSUN campus map, is located just south of the corner of Lassen Street and Zelzah Avenue, with parking available close by in the G9 student parking lot. Early comers are likely to get the most from the experience.


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