Prop S, 94 – 97 win, others fail to pass

Danielle Directo

California voters passed all four propositions supporting referendums on amending Indian gaming compacts, while a measure that would modernize communications taxes and three other propositions for transportation funds, community college fees and limits to legislators’ terms in office were rejected, according to the Secretary of State’s election results website.

Propositions 94 through 97, which would approve amendments to current Indian gaming contracts between the state and four different bands of tribes and allow their casinos to operate 3,000 to 5,500 more slot machines, were passed by voters by over 58 percent.

Revenue to the state from the Indian gaming referendums could increase by tens of millions of dollars and grow over time through 2030, said the summary, and the profits from Pechanga, Morongo and Agua Caliente would be put towards the state’s general fund.

Measure S passed by about 65 percent and will reduce the communications tax by 1 percent, continue the current taxes on landline and wireless communications and continue prohibiting taxes on Internet use, according to a summary by the Ballot Simplification Committee.

Proposition 91, which would have “prohibit(ed) certain motor vehicle fuel sales and use taxes?earmarked for the Transportation Investment Fund” from being transferred to the state general fund failed to pass, stated the Secretary of State’s election results website.

Proposition 92, which would have reduced community college fees but would have also resulted in a loss of revenue of up to $70 million a year, was also rejected by voters.

At the time of print, Proposition 93 was a close call at nearly 52 percent disapproval and 48 percent approval.

The prop would reduce the amount of time a legistlator can serve in Assembly or Senate.