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Women’s tennis seniors reminisce about their collegiate career

Women’s tennis senior Mickey Hsu facing off against UCSB Junior Palina Dubavets in an unfinished match 3-6, 6-4, 0-3 April 2, 2017 at CSUN. “It hurts, like every single ball I hit, so I’m just trying to adjust my game plan a little bit,” said Hsu about her injured arm. “I’m really like just playing for the team.” Photo credit: Robert Spallone/The Sundial

As the school year comes to an end, the CSUN’s women’s tennis team reflects on all their hardships and successes this season. Despite having several injuries, the team was able to overcome those difficulties and support one another through it all.

Senior Kristen Poei plans to move back home to Hawaii after graduation. She wants to establish her career there, but first wants to take time off for herself and travel before interning for businesses.

“Overall I feel like I have been pretty consistent with my success this past year. I knew that coming into this season that this would be my last year so I wanted to leave CSUN being proud of what I accomplished,” Poei said. “As a team, we faced a lot of adversity this past year because of injuries, but I think because were so close as a team that really helped us overcome those humps we had to get through.”

One of Poei’s favorite moments this season was winning against Cal Poly Pomona.

“Beating them 4-3 gave us confidence going into the rest of the season because it was mid-season where we had the most injuries, but it gave us momentum especially for the conference and we won the doubles point so that helped us a lot,” Poei said. “It was really exciting because it came down to our freshman who had never been in that position, but it was neat to see what she accomplished and won for the team.”

Poei advised incoming freshman to get involved in different activities and events at school. Also to future players, she advised to be open-minded and take into consideration what your older teammates say because they are knowledgeable.

“When I was a freshman, I was very naïve and innocent, but with the help and guidance from my coaches and older teammates it really helped me to be stronger, a better person and more successful at CSUN,” said Poei. “Enjoy that freshman year.”

Senior Samantha Judan said they did well as a team, and despite there being multiple injuries, they were able to push through obstacles and continue the season.

“My teammates are very selfless, we all had our personal issues but we were able to work through them and still bring our best into school, tennis and or anything we were doing,” Judan said. “We fought through any hardships we were all facing.”

Judan advised freshman to come in with an open mind and an open heart because everyone is from different walks of life and have different background experiences.

“Because we are all so close and are a big family, I was able to get through anything because I had them around and I knew that I was going to be okay with any hardships I was facing,” Judan said.

After graduation, Judan plans to finish her prerequisites for physical therapy meanwhile interning at a physical therapy clinic in Manhattan Beach. She will also work as an assistant coach for women’s tennis at Cerritos College.

Senior Vivian Lin said the season went well. Last semester she was out due to a serious injury, but she healed in time to play for this semester.

“I’m glad that I was able to come back in time to play my last season where I was able to win a couple matches,” Lin said “On this team, we are just like a family so we are very giving and always watch out for others by asking what’s going on and make sure we’re all okay.”

Lin advices freshmen to give all their effort in whatever they are doing, and have as much fun as possible.

After graduating, Lin plans on applying to graduate school back in her home country of Hong Kong and hopes to play tennis there.

Senior Mickey Hsu said the team fought hard this season. She also suffered an injury to her right arm and elbow.

“Everyone fought hard to find a balance between resting and performing to maximize and optimize our performance,” Hsu said. “I am very happy to see the way we fought even though it’s hard mentally and physically, but I am very proud of my team.”

Hsu said one of her favorite games was against New Mexico because it was a tight game, however, they came out victorious at the end winning 4-3.

“This game was in the middle of the season, it is a win that encouraged everyone to continue whatever we were practicing and carry on,” Hsu said. “It was encouragement and motivation for us.”

Hsu advised freshman to get involved in school activities, do well academically and to try out for tennis. After graduation, Hsu plans to work and is also considering on applying to graduate school.

“I am excited to start another new chapter in my life,” Hsu said.


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