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Mitt Romney leaves his supporters high and dry

Dear Mr. Mitt Romney,

For the hope, future and the love you say you have for this country please reconsider your recent decision to “suspend” your presidential campaign.

You have left us with a closeted Democrat and a Southern minister-turned politician. Everyone likes to talk about experience this election. Who has done what and who has been in the White House. I say, who cares?

The experience I base my candidate choice on is who has done something. Mr. Romney, you have been a successful businessman who understands the effects of a war, of foreign policy, immigration and basic economics. Not only do you understand, but you have dealt with the issues first hand. You lead and managed a state. You saved the Salt Lake Olympics from doom. Now, again, a troubled child presents itself to you. Our country is sinking. We need someone who can guide us down the right path and restore our nation as one of the greatest.

It will be hard and unpopular, but sometimes the best things are. I was once a democrat, but you converted me. You were our hope. Instead we have Mr. McCain and Mr. Huckabee now.

Mr. McCain talks his border control and ending the war by use of full force military. Fine. He attacked you over and over again on the different issues who may have swayed on. McCain lied to California. In a last minute attempt for votes, he aired a radio commercial stating he wanted to deport illegal immigrants, make them learn English and send them to the back of the line.

One month earlier in the New Hampshire debate you put McCain on blast when he was talking about immigration and after several times asked he finally confirmed his policy did not include deporting illegal immigrants. Mr. McCain’s tractk record shows he supported the DREAM Act and voted against a bill that would not allow illegal immigrants social security benefits. The bill passed. A far cry from the conservative he calls himself.

Oh, and Mr. Huckabee, the man should have dropped out before the primary. He screwed you and the Republican party. The Bible belt voted for him. Shocker!

Though honestly, I would prefer him over Mr. McCain because his stances follow closer to yours. Yes he has said a few crazy things and knocked you for your religion (though later apologized), but he sees immigration is draining our country. He acknowledges we can’t just withdrawal from the war, but need to finish it and we need to do something about our economy and bring jobs back from overseas.

I understand you did it to power the Republican party, but I still don’t like it.

Hopefully, the rest of the states will do some research and not listen to who is endorsing who for the primaries. Hopefully, the great people of our country will do some reading about the candidates and not just care about their religion. Hopefully, you or Huckabee will team up with the liberal McCain to balance him out for the Republicans in the general election. Hopefully, this year (but one day) we will not see history made with a black man or a woman president.

Our country is not in a healthy state and we need a man who can turn things around. I love America too and want to see her well again.

Sincerely, Hopeful Republican

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