McCain’s feared draft may not be so bad


Current polls show John McCain is the leading candidate for the Republican Party. For 18-year-old boys and older, the thought of McCain as president means a possible draft to power the military he will need for his plan for the War in Iraq.

Assuming the draft would only go after males, most people are looking at the negative aspects of a draft. The fact young men will have to leave their schooling or jobs. Leave their friends and family and join the legacy of our grandfathers in fighting to protect our freedom.

Despite the terrible thoughts that could happen to our brothers, sons, nephews and friends there are some good things that could come of a draft. McCain has pledged that a draft would only work if all classes of wealth were required to participate. In reality if it happens or not, a draft could be an opportunity to clean up our streets.

The gang members that terrorize our streets could be put to work in Iraq. Instead of shooting each other they could protect our country. Heck, most of them won’t even need to go through the Army’s boot camp where they primarily learn how to shoot.

If the rich are drafted, my prayers may be answered. Spencer Pratt and his douche bag buddies may be sent overseas and the awful MTV reality shows will be cancelled. MTV might even be forced to play music videos again. I doubt Pratt will score high enough on his intelligence test to get out of serving in infantry.

A draft could alleviate some financial burden also. The cost to run our expensive prison system could be cut. Instead of overcrowded jails, let’s recruit the individuals incarcerated for misdemeanors or minor felonies and send them over. Make them fight for their liberties.

Or maybe McCain’s plan for allowing illegal immigrants to stay in America goes hand in hand with the power he will need for his military?

In all seriousness, a draft is nothing to joke about, but with the economy down and unemployment up. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

Sincerely, A Hopeful Republican