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Transgenders now offered benefits

When you look for a job, you often consider benefits such as healthcare, vision and dental coverage. Some companies also offer stocks and discounts at various gyms, retail stores and phone companies. Yet, I doubt when most people look for a job, they think about the option of having a sex-change operation completely covered. That is, until now.

Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wachovia are all companies that offer these benefits, reported CNN’s Web site. Goldman Sachs covers surgery, prescription drugs and hormone therapy.

Since a job is where an adult spends most of their time, it is important that they not only choose a job that they love, but one that offers benefits to fit their needs. Goldman Sachs was number eight on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies To Work For,” under companies that included Google and Starbucks.

If companies are going to cover a sex-change operation, then they should cover other medical operations as well. To me, a broken leg or a heart condition should be covered over changing from a man to a woman (or vice versa). While some companies do offer medical coverage, certain operations are sometimes not.

Though a sex change operation may seem essential to some, it may lead to other non-life-threatening operations being covered, such as a nose job or Botox.

Controversy might strike these companies that fund sex change operations in conservatives working in a company do not support the operation. Though some of the world is open to new, modern ideas, even those that do not affect them individually, others are still reserved to ideas of sex changes and/or transgender issues.

After going through the process of changing one’s sex, the person also has to go through a number of changes that change their gender. They have to learn how to act different for their new gender and form to society, if that is their wish. For others, they may change less of their image.

America is becoming more and more accepting of its diverse culture. Years ago, those that were gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual would perhaps not be offered a job over someone who was straight. This new benefit that some companies are pursuing shows that America is evolving.

From democratic candidates trying to make history by trying to become the first black or woman president, to transgender benefits being offered by top companies to work for, America is slowly starting to accept people of different backgrounds and beliefs and treat them as unique individuals.

If a company is willing to hire someone even if they change their sex, it shows their acceptance of modern people.

Though some may argue that the benefits are not needed, know one could no but the person who feels that they are really another gender.

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