Opposition to Scientology

Oscar Monjaras

On Feb. 10, hundreds of individuals gathered in Hollywood at various Scientology locations to protest the church’s actions, motives and intentions. The protest was also fueled by the death of Lisa McPherson, who allegedly died under the control of Scientolology. McPherson’s birthday was also on the same day of the protest.

An online group of vigilantes, who call themselves Anonymous or Anon, use YouTube to post videos informing people of the questionable actions and hefty prices the Church of Scientology takes to “enlighten” people. With these anonymous postings, word of numerous protests circulated the Internet.

Not only were there protests in Los Angeles, but also in many other cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Austin.

At first glance one might have had the impression that these cities were hosting a public costume party because of the countless masks people were wearing, however Anonymous suggested protesters should cover their faces for their own safety; Scientology security tend to take pictures of individuals who oppose them and keep them on file, they said

All along Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, people in cars were honking their horns in opposition to Scientology and in support of the protestors, this peaceful protest lasted approximately four hours.