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Tips for an affordable spring break trip

It has become a rite of passage to party during spring break when you’re in college. But since when did going broke for a few days of mayhem become part of the experience?

Traveling during spring break shouldn’t hurt your bank account. Students should be able to have an affordable getaway to recharge their batteries before they come back for the close of the semester.

With prices going up on even a simple cup of coffee, it’s hard to find a good deal for your spring break destination. The tricks to not spending so much money on your trip are very simple.

One important tip is to be flexible with the days you want to travel. If you don’t mind leaving a day earlier or later than your desired date, then the price difference could end up paying for one night of your hotel stay. In addition, when booking your trip you should be flexible to reserving a flight with one stop. Certain airlines will have lower rates for flights with one or more stops.

Another factor you should keep in mind when booking your flight is your time preference. If there is a flight leaving at 7:30 a.m. that is $50 cheaper than a flight leaving at 1 p.m., then the choice is simple. Wake up a little earlier and save a few dollars!

When you and your friends are sifting through the different flight and hotel options, look for vacation packages advertised on travel sites. Usually these packages include hotel, breakfast, airport transfer and other complimentary features.

In order to take advantage of these deals you have to act fast and be aware of the date restrictions for these vacation packages. Certain sites will have specials running mid-week and are subject to availability.

During peak vacation seasons, travel sites will put popular destinations on sale. The low prices are intriguing to many customers, most of all to college students on a budget. When you are perusing through the countless number of travel sites keep your eyes open for the right deal that fits your budget.

One trick most college students may not know about is the benefits of being a Triple AAA member. Many students may already be Triple AAA members because of their parents, but they do not know the flip side of being a member. On many travel sites there are options on getting a Triple AAA rate on vacation packages if you are a member. Having this option could help cut the cost of your spring break vacation.

When you go on vacation it would be wonderful to stay in a name brand, luxurious hotel. However, do most college students have the funds to pay for such lavish expenses? That is where the wonderful two and three star hotels come in. They’re clean, fully stocked with all the amenities of a four star hotel, except without the price tag. After all, you’re not going on vacation to sightsee hotels. The hotel is just a place for you to sleep and recharge your batteries for the next day.

If your spring break plans are on the local front, such as somewhere in California, then my suggestion to you is to forgo the price of a plane ticket and consider driving instead. If a trip to San Francisco is on your agenda, then plan a road trip with your friends, stop over at Hearst Castle and make it an unforgettable trip.

Out of all the tips and tricks I’ve mentioned here, the best advice I can suggest to you is not to delay making your plans for spring break. When you feel your workload is piling up, take it as a cue to book a well-deserved getaway.


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