Yellowcard rocks out at Matador Nights

Savannah Dawkins

Yellowcard’s hour-long acoustic set at Matador Nights pumped up fans with songs off their most recent album as well as older fan-favorites.

They opened with “Fighting” off their newest album “Paper Walls” and closed with “Rough Draft” off their 2003 album “One for the Kids.”

The lack of a drummer gave the band a different sound than fans may have been used to hearing on their albums, but the band still had a good sound.

The lead singer Ryan Key joked with the crowd between songs and spoke about their recent trip to Kuwait before the band played “Believe,” the song which evoked the strongest fan response.

“Everything is gonna be all right,” Key and fans sang along together. “Everything is gonna be all right, everything is gonna be all right, be strong, believe.”

Key also gave advice to the men in the audience, telling them to claim they had written “Only One” in order to “be in good shape by the end of the night” with the women in the audience.

The best songs with the greatest audience response seemed to be off their “Ocean Avenue” CD, including “Way Away” and “Ocean Avenue.”

Yellowcard fans were not disappointed by the performance. Every song was well-played and full of the same emotion that hooked fans on the original recordings.

While some fans may prefer a more hard-rock feel, the acoustic versions of their hit songs like “Lights and Sounds” still worked very well.

Ultimately no fans should have walked away from the free show disappointed, whether they prefer Yellowcard’s older or newer hits, or the original or acoustic versions of their songs.

The three of the four members who were present were all smiles despite the cold weather and were friendly with all of the fans in the audience.

Many fans were also both amused and confused by the fact that guitarists Ryan Key and Ryan Mendez kept switching guitars between songs.

Though there were many people there, the concert was still intimate enough for fans to be no further than about 20 feet from the stage if they wanted to stay close to the action.

At the show, the band also announced that they would soon set out on an acoustic tour and would be back in the greater Los Angeles area in April.

The band met with fans for autographs and pictures after the show at their merchandise booth.