Governor appoints student trustee

Stephanie Olmedo

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed a Sacramento State University student as the new student trustee on Jan. 25 after rejecting candidates in 2007.

Curtis Grima will fill the position that has been vacant since the beginning of the academic year.

“I’ve always been very active in my student government. I feel strongly about advocating for students and I can make a great impact,” Grima said.

Due to the governor’s rejection of the original candidates interviewed for the position in July 2007, Grima’s two-year term will be six months shorter.

A student trustee is appointed to ensure students’ interests are being addressed.

The 25-member Board of Trustees, which is in charge of policies that affect the 23 CSU campuses, consists of two student trustees, one voting student and one non-voting student both with staggered terms.

When the voting student ends a term, the non-voting student takes the voting position and a new student is appointed the non-voting position.

The other student sharing the duties of student trustee with Grima is Jennifer Reimer, a student from Fresno State University, who is currently serving her second year as a student trustee.

Reimer said the staggered terms allow the incoming student trustees to gain experience and to understand how the Board of Trustees operates.

“The first year is a learning year,” Reimer said.

Grima said that as a non-voting member, it will be a great opportunity to understand the way the Board of Trustees operates.

Students applying for the position of student trustees are recommended to the governor by the California State Student Association following an application and interview process.

Reimer said the CSSA usually refers three to five candidates to the governor’s office.

Grima has been an active member of student government. He was the executive vice president of Associated Students at Sacramento State University.

“Curtis will be a great addition and a great voice. He understands how opinions are formed at the state level and he understands how we do advocacy work,” said Dina Cervantes, the chair of executive committee for the CSSA.