Letters to the editor


Dear Editor,

I want to start by saying you are doing a great job! But I must say I am astonished to see an ad for legal marijuana. As a student newspaper you should keep in mind what we are preaching or advocating for. I understand it is legal under California law, but it is still illegal under federal law and people are getting arrested for selling or using it everyday. Now, I am not asking you to sensor your ads, but I asking you to figure out where to draw the line. We all know that the vast majority of our student body doesn’t really need medical marijuana and this is another drug targeted towards majority of the student body. I hope we draw a line somewhere, why not start by advocating legal and healthy habits. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Zabie Mansoory Senior – Journalism

Dear Editor,

I feel it’s time someone has brought to public attention the issue of modern slavery. It is an issue that few people, even educated ones, are aware is going on, in not just foreign countries but the US as well. There are currently many misconceptions of what modern slavery is. Some have heard it referred to as low wageworkers, deplorable working environments, or just debt bondage. But the truth is that none of these labels truly sum up what these people are going through, I say that because they are literally chained to machines or forced to work at gunpoint. Although it has been outlawed for years, the issue of slavery has returned and if nothing is done to stop it we will continue to see a rapid decline in the basic human values that we all have for one another. If you look at countries like India and Parts of Africa, you can use them as a warning sign for what can happen if this issue is not addressed. In India, the situation has gotten so bad that if there is a family stuck in debt the family has the option of selling their children into slavery to get out of it. In one case, an Indian family sold their 12-year-old daughter to buy a new television set. The bottom line is wherever this issue has presented itself, there has been a dramatic effect on the values and respect for one another in the people in that country. The only way to effectively stop the issue is to educate the public of its existence.

Brian Alexander Undergraduate, Anthropology