Letter to the editor


Dear Editor:

I wanted to bring up the issue of human trafficking and sex trade around the world. I feel that it is a very important issue because it uproots many women and children everyday from their homes and gives them a life of fear.

Most people don’t know that girls as young as ten are being sold into the sex trade. Not only are girls being sold in other countries, but in America as well. Most of the men that sell the girls off go to other countries with promises of a good education and opportunity. When the girls finally get to America, they are overwhelmed in debt that the pimp has out on them due to their visa, flight, food, and rent, so he sells them off to make a profit. It’s sad that these girls are no longer looked at as human beings, but as a products to sell.

There are many organizations out there that are trying to save these girls and teach them how to live in the world as regular citizens. There are such websites as www.childrenofthenight.com and www.worldhope.org.

If my letter has not touched you in someway then it truly saddens me but, if the issue of human trafficking and sex trade has caught your attention please help save the lives of these girls.

Sincerely, Kiah Freels Freshman, Art major