CSUN adds new satellite athletic training facility to campus


Matador athletes will now have better access to treatment with the new Satellite Treatment Center

Daniel Saad

CSUN Athletics opened its new satellite athletic training facility on Thursday, which is located next to the Matador Track & Field Complex.

Athletic trainers working at the facility will be of assistance to the men’s and women’s soccer teams, baseball and softball players and the track & field programs.

“I get treatment there after practice every day,” said CSUN men’s soccer senior Darion Mealing. “Overall it helps with time management. For the freshman who have classes at 12:30 they can quickly get in and out without the stress of being late. It provides easier access if one of us needs something instead of having to ride on the cart back to the main training room.”

Mealing also said he believes it is a great investment for CSUN and will be convenient when there are two trainings a day.

The facility features custom storage and graphics, a rehabilitation area, pneumatic compression devices, five treatment tables, cryotherapy compression units, ultrasound and neuromuscular stimulation combination units and a hydrocollator.

“It’s an absolute great investment for the outdoor sports. We’ve been using it since October,” said CSUN women’s soccer junior Amber Edemann. “The facility being closer to the soccer field helps with recovery time, and you don’t have to rush from going from the facility to practice.”

CSUN men’s soccer junior Andrew Rizeq said the new facility is beneficial for the track and soccer players because of the close proximity to practices.

“Just in case someone gets injured at practice, that person wouldn’t have to go all the way over to the other training room to get checked out, which is about five minutes away. Instead, they can just get checked out a couple of steps away.”

An anonymous donor gifted the CSUN Department of Intercollegiate Athletics $250,000 in 2016 to fund this new satellite athletic training facility, and by the looks of it, CSUN athletes are using it to their advantage, and it is apparent by their play this year on the field.