Soon to be graduates prepare for

Dylan Miles

Gradfest, the festival for seniors on their way to graduation ceremony, took place yesterday in the Matador Bookstore Complex between 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

“It’s basically a one-stop shop,” said Jenny Ross, 22, Gradfest coordinator. “Anything that a student may need pertaining to graduation, from making sure that a name is spelled correctly to rings to diploma frames.”

For many graduating students, the event was the perfect to take advantage of available opportunities that are waiting for students after they come out of the other end of the graduation tunnel.

Gradfest served a primary function for students, allowing them to confirm that their names will be spelled correctly in the graduation commencement booklet and to rent a cap and gown for the ceremony.

The event was a graduating student’s definitive opportunity to make sure that all the basic details and particulars surrounding the ceremony of graduation are in order.

“It’s pretty organized but at the same time it’s pretty hectic,” said Scott Gilbert, 23, graduating political science major.

This year there were many vendors and clubs such as Blue Cross of California, National Society for Collegiate Scholars and Princeton Review that were there representing their respective programs and informing students about possible opportunities that are available to them after graduation.

There were also many great discounts on many graduation related items that were only available during Gradfest.

“This is an experience that only graduates get to attend,” said Melissa Daniels, 22, senior psychology major. “They have all kinds of great deals today.”

Some students felt that graduation is a special experience and the process of getting to the ceremony should be just as personal as the process of receiving a diploma.

“The whole system that they have here is not personal at all,” said Gilbert. “It’s like you can’t take so much pride in it.”

Despite the fact that some students felt that Gradfest was an impersonal way to go through the motions of the graduation detail gathering process, there were still great deals to take advantage of, significant opportunities to be had, and new faces to see and graduates to meet.