A.S. unveils plans for student voting alternative

Emerson Muzada

Associated Students unveiled an alternative to student voting during the meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Alternative consultation is a policy that would collect data, research and surveys to better evaluate the decision of whether or not to raise tuition fees if Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget cuts are approved, which are threatening students with an increase in tuition fees.

The Student Fee Advisory Committee is holding a meeting today to discuss the approval of “alternative consultation,” a process in which a survey is sent out to students regarding the potential tuition fees, and data and research is then collected by the committee.

The report produced by the various committees’ based on all of the research is gathered and eventually CSUN President Jolene Koester would make the final decision whether or not to increase the tuition fees.

“The university is trying to play it safe,” said Associated Student’s President Adam Haverstock, “If the governor’s budget cuts are approved.”

According to Haverstock, if the reports are negative, it is likely that tuition fees would not increase. However, if they were positive, students could expect at least a 10 percent increase in tuition fees.

CSU organizations, students, faculty and other committees in opposition of the budget cuts are holding a rally in Sacramento on April 21 to protest against the governor’s budget cuts.