EPC tackles confusion about GE classes

Betsy Garcia

The Educational Policies Committee discussed Wednesday switching the General Education sections in Plan R that are causing confusion among students and advisers.

Plan R is the new general education plan implemented by the campus three years ago. The problem with the program became apparent when some graduating seniors this semester had missing requirements in the sections that they thought they had already fulfilled.

When that plan came out, eight classes decided they wanted to switch sections. For example, a course that would have counted for Section F in the general education program now counts for counts for Section C.

“Now what should be done about this problem?” said EPC Chair Shannon Morgan, who works in the Psychology Department.

The committee developed an idea to give the university a timeline to fix the problem with the switching of the GE sections in Plan R.

Last year, the committee voted that the GE could be switched. They are now saying it was not set in stone and for some it might be hard to solve this problem. The committee said it believes that only those students, who were freshmen in 2006 or 2007, and those who chose to change to Plan R, are being affected at the moment. The new GE courses and the old Plan C students are not affected.

Plan R is not only affecting students but also students’ advisers and evaluators who are confused as to what exactly they are supposed to do to fix the problem.

“You can’t double dip,” said one of the EPC members. Even if the class is posted in the portal saying what it fulfills, it is still confusing for those who believe that it would fulfill both sections in the plan.

Plan C requires nine units in Section F, and Plan R requires six units in Section F.

After this spring semester, the GE plan will be reviewed every five years and will be released during the sixth year.

This spring is the only time to reconsider this issue until the fall of 2013, when changes can again be made.

If there is need for a new plan, Plan S will be developed. Unless there are no courses being jumped, the current plan will be kept in place.