Christmas Shopping Ideas for CSUN Students


Christmas Coffee with a twist. Photo Credit: Crystal Lambert/Sundial Staff

Karin Abcarians

It’s the holiday season and we’re all beginning, or nearing the end, of our Christmas gift list shopping. It’s not easy shopping on a budget and it’s not easy finding the right gifts to buy the people in your life. But this list below will help ease the stress of gift finding for college students.

CSUN’s campus store has a wide range of gifts that are perfect for anyone in your life. They’re all in decent price ranges as well. There are socks, shirts, pants, collectibles, and much more.

Stocking Stuffers:

CSUN Women’s Plush Socks: they’re red with white dots and they’re only $10. Also, they are one size, so they’ll fit anyone.

CSUN Beanie: it’s red with black stripes and it’s a standard beanie. It’s $20 and also one size like the plush socks.

CSUN Leather Men’s Trifold Wallet with seal: it comes in the color black and it’s $22.

CSUN Ornaments: there’s a solid red one with the CSUN logo on it which is $9.95, a sparkly one which is $11.95, and one that says Merry Christmas which is $8.95.

Now that we’ve got some stocking stuffers sorted, let’s see what gifts we can buy to put under the tree.

Gifts (some selections are expensive):

Boxercraft CSUN Women’s Slim Fit ¼ Zip Sherpa Pullover Sweatshirt: it’s a smoky color and looks incredibly comfortable. When it starts getting colder, this is the perfect thing to wear. It’s $54.

Columbia CSUN Glennaker Jacket: this is a great jacket for when some rain finally hits California. It’s $70.

Portable Victoria Suitcase Turntable Record Player with Bluetooth (black, red and blue): the CSUN store also has vinyl records, this record player is $69.95.

Headphones, various kinds of headphones: the CSUN store has lots of headphone with a variety of prices, so here is a link to browse the selections.

Apple products: the CSUN store also has plenty of Apple products with a wide range of prices, here is a link to browse the selections.

Champion CSUN Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt: it’s $20 and a nice red color with CSUN written on it.

Champion CSUN Short Sleeve T-Shirt: it’s black with CSUN written on it in red. It’s $16.95.

New Era CSUN Women’s Hat: it’s all red and says CSUN Matadors on it. It’s $24.

Zephyr CSUN Snapback Cap: It has an N on it with red lining around the N. It’s $25.

CSUN also carried many books that range from various genres. You can check out all the books if you go to this link.

Pet gifts:

Spirit Products CSUN Matadors Pet Bandanna: it says CSUN Matadors and it’s really cute! It’s $9.95.

Spirit Products CSUN 9-14” Pet Collar and 6’ Pet Leash: the collar is $18 while the leash is $20. It works great as a gift set.

Baby gifts:

Colosseum Athletics CSUN Infant Bodysuit and Bib Set: it’s $20, has red, black and white with CSUN Matadors written on the bodysuit and Matadors on the bib.

College Kids CSUN Infant Bodysuit: It’s all read with Matadors written on the butt and Cal State Northridge on the front, which is $22.

The Oasis Wellness Center also has holiday card making on the fifth and sixth of December, which is a nice way to get creative juices flowing and to make a cute card for family and friends. Also, there is craft corner that can also help get your creative juices flowing to make gifts for friends and family.