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FASMODE dances their way to unity

If you have ever attended a CSUN event, such as orientation or Matador Nights, then you have most likely witnessed a FASMODE performance.

FASMODE, a combination of FASA Modern, is a dance team on campus that is currently comprised of 12 students who share a passion and dedication for dance.

FASMODE was established in 2002 when a group of students from the Filipino American Students Association (FASA) decided they wanted to create a dance team. But FASMODE was not officially recognized by CSUN until 2005 when they received their club charter.

“We are a very diverse team even though we stem from a Filipino club. We’re open to everyone who wants to be on the dance team as long as they have a passion for dance and are willing to commit to FASMODE,” said senior Mitch Lozada who has been a member since his freshman year and serves as the executive director.

The members of FASMODE have a wide range of majors that are often helpful to the team.

“Just as our members are diverse so are their majors. We have people in criminal justice, business, health science, and kinesiology. Everyone is totally different and we like to encourage people to bring those aspects to FASMODE,” said Lozada. “Once we had a kinesiology major who was looking to be a dietician and she would tell us what things to eat and drink to help with our endurance.”

Endurance is necessary for members of the team due to the exhausting hours they spend perfecting their routines for upcoming performances.

The team holds their practices three days a week and each practice lasts for three hours.

“It’s a big commitment and it does require a lot of time,” said Lozada.

Auditions were recently held in which six new students joined the team. Due to the demanding schedule it is not always possible to retain previous members so FASMODE holds auditions at the beginning of each semester.

Although the team’s dance style is primarily hip hop Lozada said, “We want to incorporate other styles like locking, jazz, and breaking into our overall style. We don’t just want to be one style. I think we do a good job of accomplishing our goal of that. Our choreography is contributed by members of FASMODE. We can also outsource from past members and directors but it pretty much just stays within FASMODE.”

FASMODE will be performing at Hip-hop Dance Day through the University Student Union on April 3.

The team tries to do at least four performances a semester and that includes charity events.

“When we do charity events it goes hand in hand. We are helping them by performing and they are helping us by exposure,” said Lozada.


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