Letter to the editor


In Tiffany Kelly’s article, “The blue blood battle continues,” she asked whether Senator Clinton’s recent success in two big states, Ohio and Texas, were worth it because Senator Obama still hold more super delegates currently and it’s extremely difficult for her to catch up. The writer asked if Senator Clinton should quit and “let the current leader (Obama) in the democratic race win.” Please make no mistake here. As a candidate, it’s not only his/her right, but also his/her responsibility to stay in the course.

In the past 35 years, Senator Clinton has been devoting all her life fighting for every American family on very touch issues such as health care and education, and she personally believes in what she’s doing and giving her belief a fighting chance, no matter how hard the journey will be. Remember the Olympic Values — “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well” (www.olympic.org). Senator Clinton deserves our respect because she is facing the most challenge in her life but refuses to drop out until the end.

When the writer asked whether “people in the big states are afraid of a new name to the political game,” it seems the writer was not aware of the top concerns that American people have — the poor performance of economy and lack-of-meaning of endless war.

People are not afraid of change, people care about whether changing for better or changing for worse. That’s a decision every voter should make, and be able to make, no matter in bigger states or smaller states. Who is really comfortable voting for some one to lead this country without any track of solid experience but only exciting speeches and blind hope? Please, we should not be voting for a newly-rising rock star or another Oprah, we are hiring some one who has sufficient knowledge and experience to do the job best as a president.

Towards the end of the article, the writer urges the fight to come down to “a strong bond” in the party of Democratic and fight the Republican voters now. Where is the will of the people? Should super delegates overturn the will of the people? Definitely no. In fact, the Republicans would rather run against Senator Obama because they have a terrible fear of Senator Hillary. They will do anything to throw her out and wait for the moment to beat a much weaker competitor. I have known some Republicans who have voted for Obama only to help their own cause. The success of Hillary in the blue states and Obama’s popularity in highly red states is not a coincidence. It’s because the republicans are terrified of Hillary, a woman who is a real fighter and tougher than most of men. I agree with the writer on one thing that “race, gender, and name recognition should never be a decisive factor.” Thus, let’s focus on the solid facts: the experience, the knowledge, and the sincerity of each candidate to serve this country as a president. Of course, we need a change.

We’re so desperate for a change that we may become vulnerable to glittering pictures and easily lose the mind. A new face or new name gives us hope, but doesn’t guarantee a good change. It depends on you and me to wipe off the clouds covering our eyes and make a sound decision based on facts, not just words.

Mei Wang Business Law