MIC offers Life Skills courses

Jessica Hager

In an effort to enhance the learning experience at CSUN, the Leadership Institute, located in the Matador Involvement Center, is offering free courses and lectures through a program called Life Skills.

Life Skills is collaboration between the University Student Union and MIC, and presents monthly courses, lectures and seminars with keynote speakers and professionals from different fields.

The program is divided into three parts: The Leadership Series, Being Comfortable With Who You Are and Short Courses. Each section offers students the opportunity to explore different topics.

“The program offers fundamental skills in areas that students are interested in,” said Hamid Jahangard, program coordinator for training and development at the USU. “Students can develop and enhance these skills to take with them when they graduate.”

Jahangard said the program has “attracted different keynote speakers such as Jean Kilbourne,” who gave a presentation in February on body image and consumerism. Her presentation fell under the Being Comfortable With Who You Are series, which offers personalized information on how to deal with different life experiences.

Brian Wetzel will present “That Voice in the Wilderness is Laughing” on April 24. His presentation offers insight to overcoming depression.

The Leadership Series offers students information on how to set goals and be successful in their education and career. Past lectures have included “Tapping Into Your True Potential” and “Game Plans for Success.”

Other courses include “How to Put Money in Your Pocket Today,” “Talking it Out” and “Higher Education Programs.” Each of these presentations offers advice and information on how to get ahead, and will be presented on April 8, 16 and 23 in the USU’s Ventura Room.

Short Courses, which last around 50 to 60 minutes, are more instructional and include lessons on a variety of topics. Past courses include “Relationships Part II,” which offered techniques on strengthening relationships, and “Belly Dancing for Beginners.”

“Stress Management” will be presented on April 10. Dr. Ellen Mayer and Dr. Marshall Bloom will provide insight on “preventing and dealing with stressful situations.”