Letter to the editor


In reading “Are you related to Obama or Hilary” written by staff reporter E. Mansoorian I could not help but agree on her stance. I too am appalled by the extremes the weekly entertainment magazines or any news outlet takes in giving attention to less important topics. One of these less important topics being, genetic relations between presidential candidates and celebrities. Unfortunately how is it that the News Outlets obtain the focus of the general public onto more important topics? As much as I myself am interested in topics that affect the every day American I can not speak for the general masses. It also doesn’t help that weekly entertainment magazines increase in sells, from these ridiculous less important topics. In all as much as I understand and respect Mansoorian’s opinion how is it we go about changing?

???In reading the article, “Students awarded for volunteer work” by staff reporter Jessica Hagger, I was delighted to finally find information regarding volunteer work. It seems ever since I transferred here to CSUN, I have not been able to find much material or information, where I may be useful in helping out the community. I, on more than one occasion, am often asked for donations to help the homeless shelters, instead of hearing about any other type of volunteer work offered. Donating to the homeless shelters is not a bad thing but it seems to be the only way of overall helping out. What I am mostly concerned with is where can one find information on how to participate in volunteer work? Why is it so hard to find such information on campus? Why is it so hard to find most means of information, where one may participate in any type or field of interest?

Michelle Acosta Student