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E3 focuses on student awareness

The E3 slate (Educate-Empower-Enhance), which is headed up by Associated Students presidential candidate Miguel Segura and vice presidential candidate Nicole Umali, says it will to be the beacon of change that will improve the “CSUN experience” for students on campus if they are the victors of the elections on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Segura said that making a connection with students by educating them about what is happening at CSUN is the best way to go about building a proactive attitude on campus.

Umali also says that the E3 slate is focused on enhancing the CSUN experience for current and future students on as many fronts as possible. Umali expressed her feeling that edifying the students on what is going on both at CSUN and off-campus regarding CSU happenings is something that will kick off that enhancement.

“We would like to get a visibility team together to put news out there about what is going on in A.S., events that A.S. is throwing, as well as things like fee increases, students issues, how A.S. is using the budgets,” said Umali.

Umali said that edification about the issues among members of A.S. is also needed in successful governing, saying, “We can’t educate students on campus issues if we don’t know what is happening. If A.S. doesn’t know what the students think and can’t address these issues, then the students won’t care.”

Umali also proposed getting more students involved with making a change at CSUN on a level beyond the campus, saying that she, Segura and the rest of the E3 slate want to provide students with the opportunities to work with state legislatures and create a student lobby that makes the students’ voice heard at the state capital.

A big issue that Umali has with the current state of A.S. is that, after legislation gets passed, there is no follow-up or serious enforcement of the legislation by A.S. members. Likewise, Umali said that she wants to make it easier for clubs and organizations to get the funding they need to achieve their goals and make a presence on campus. In the past, there have been difficulties for them to do so, a difficulty that Umali said E3 wants to eliminate.

The student government needs to help build a relationship with the general constituency of students on campus, not just a specific demographic, Segura said.

Segura ran in the prior election, acquiring the smallest share of votes out of all four candidates.

“Back then, I went in and was stressed out over school?now, I am more motivated, I have a great, diverse, tight knit slate. I have consulted with many students with different affiliations to bring unity to CSUN. This is a new time.”

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