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Boxing wins two at SJSU

The CSUN boxing team has been training for six days a week since the beginning of the semester in the hopes of getting a bout that lasts just eight minutes: three two minute rounds of fighting with one minute of rest between rounds.

Three members of CSUN’s boxing team got their opportunity at San Jose State University’s Spartan Fight Night on March 15.

Fight night took place at Yoshiro Uchida Hall with fighters from seven Western Regional boxing clubs, including San Jose State, Santa Clarita, University of San Francisco, Berekly and UC Davis, along with CSUN, competing.

Marshall Richey, Matthew Marquez and Lisa Porter each duked it out against opponents from other schools. Richey and Marquez won their bouts, but Porter lost.

Richey, fighting in just his second bout ever, went up against Martin Robles, a competitor who Richey said was bigger and more aggressive.

“He was stronger than me,” Richey said. “I just tried to stay out of his way and I kept my gloves on him as much as possible.”

Richey said he didn’t think he was winning the fight.

“He was a strong guy,” Richey said. “When he hit me, I felt it.”

Paul McBurnett, CSUN’s boxing coach said Richey did a good job against an opponent who was “notoriously tough” and charged Richey the entire bout.

“Marshal’s technique was much more honed than the other guy’s,” McBurnett said.

Richey displayed excellent defense and protected himself, McBurnett said.

“Of all things, we want our boxers to be safe,” McBurnett said.

Richey said all of the training was worth it and he wishes he had done more.

“I got so tired in the ring,” Richey said. “It takes a lot out of you.”

Marquez also fought in his second bout of his career and he said he was nervous going into it, not knowing who he would fight until they got in the ring.

His opponent, who was about his size, had shorter arms than Marquez, leaving him dependent on his reach, McBurnett said.

“He boxed him from the outside so he couldn’t get hits in,” McBurnett said. “He did well at using his right cross.”

Marquez said despite all the training, he got winded in the third round.

“I felt kinda sloppy,” Marquez said.

Porter was fighting in her first match and took on Monique Varela from San Jose State.

Although Porter didn’t get the decision in her fight, McBurnett said she did everything he expected of her and more.

“In my eyes, she definitely won,” McBurnett said. “I couldn’t have been more proud.”

Porter said even though she lost, she was happy that she fought.

It was a really good experience,” Porter said. “It was very exciting.”

During the fight, Porter said she didn’t even feel like she was getting hit.

“You’re so in the moment, you don’t even feel it,” Porter said.

She also said that despite all of her training, she felt like she hadn’t trained enough.

By the end of the first round, my legs were so tired,” Porter said. “It takes a lot of energy.”

Richey said it was “awesome” watching Porter, his girlfriend, fight in her first bout.

“I think she’s a really good boxer,” Richey said. “She fought just like she practiced. She looked good in there.”

Despite the short fights and season, all of the boxers said they enjoyed the experience and wanted to continue fighting.

Richey, a senior, said he loves it more and more each time he boxes.

“It keeps you in good shape,” Richey said. “I love it too much to stop.”

“I think it’s worth it,” Marquez said. “It’s a good experience, especially when you win.”

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