A.S. Elections Committee to deliberate vote recount

Cynthia Gomez

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The Associated Students elections committee will have a hearing on Thursday to decide whether or not to count the 232 online votes that were lost in the A.S. elections last Tuesday because of technical difficulties.

Mazen Hafez, elections director for A.S., said the elections committee would probably decide to go straight to a run-off election.

Current A.S President Adam Haverstock, who is running for re-election under the Students First slate, said he is hoping that the elections committee will make the decision to make the 232 online votes count, that way there is no run-off election, where the candidates would have to campaign for the run-off election on April 22-23.

Haverstock said the online votes should count because a lot of students voted for a reason. He added that it would be a “shame” if the online votes were not counted.

Presidential candidate Miguel Segura, running for the Educate, Empower, Enhance (E3) slate, said he disagrees with the decision to count the online votes. He added that if the elections committee decides to make the online votes count, he will appeal to the judicial court.

“There’s no way they (the elections committee) can recount those votes,” Segura said. “It makes no sense.”

Segura said it would be a long process to recount the online votes.

Hafez said the elections committee will hear both sides of the slates on Thursday to decide whether or not to count the online votes. Hafez added that if the elections committee makes the decision to count the 232 online votes, then it will have to go back to the paper ballots to see if anyone who voted online double voted in last week’s elections.

Hafez said the deliberation process of the hearing will not be open to the public.