Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

In response to Jennifer Flores’ letter to the editor about “specialized groups” being catered by CSUN, the Aztlan Graduation Committee would like to make some clarifications to her letter and correct her false and obnoxious claims.

In her letter, Flores claims that these graduation ceremonies are set aside for students of “certain races” but that is not the case. We are not racially exclusive. We are based on ideologies and identification. She also claims that our separate graduations that celebrate our diversity cause mass confusion for everyone?What are her sources? How is MASS confusion occurring? Jennifer, have you ever come by to our organization to participate, and if you did, did we refuse you?

Our graduation is not “set aside” by the university, we have to fundraise ourselves and put in a lot of effort to make it happen. Also, graduating seniors do not go only to our graduation. This is an ADDITIONAL cultural graduation, celebrating diversity, that we have along with the official university graduation. If anything, the university has made it harder for us to have our graduation on campus, to the point where we actually have to have it off-campus this year.

We just want to say that as a cultural graduation, you should thoroughly research your facts and ask us, along with other cultural graduations about who we are and what we stand for before spreading your rumors and assumptions, further creating a divide on campus.

Sincerely, The Aztlan Graduation Committee